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We're rethinking local journalism

The world is changing. Cars are driving themselves, robots are self-learning and burgers are now made without meat. Local journalism, meanwhile, has remained largely untouched – placing our democracy at risk and leaving our communities underserved.

We work with local communities, media organisations, brands and nonprofits to create a more sustainable future for local journalism

We're helping communities fund, own and manage their own newsrooms.

We're making brands matter by turning them into forces of positive change.

We're working with local media organisations to sustainably fund their journalism.

And we're working with charities and nonprofits to amplify their impact.

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The Team

Oliver Williams

Commercial Product Director at News UK, where he leads the monetisation of some of the country’s largest and most-loved news and media brands. Previously worked at Archant and Newsquest.

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Ash Read

Editorial Director at Buffer, where he leads their content team and award-winning blog. Has written for publications including Fast Company, Lifehacker, The Next Web and Entrepreneur.

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